Poster art for forthcoming short film Meeting Point, written and directed by Graham Atkins-Hughes

Battling hurt and pain from the past Ailish overcomes her fear to finally face her tormentor.

‘Meeting Point’ is the third and final part of a trilogy of films I am making about choices, the powerful ramifications they have on our lives, now and far into the future.


Estranged from her parents for almost thirty years, caring and tender Ailish, has a shock encounter with her abusive father Padraic and her oppressed mother Marie.

Ailish feeling she has no way out has to confront the demons of her past which she has buried deep inside herself. What will she do? Does she exact the revenge she has always thought she would?

Meeting point is a drama which plays out in the heat of the moment while the three come to some kind of terms with the ghosts of the past.