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Lenny Abrahamson on the set of Frank

So if like me you like making films, talking about film, meeting other film people and watching some of the latest released films you’ll like this. Curzon Cinema in SoHo has a great club you can join, if you’re a filmmaker, they screen what they regard as the most interesting film in the week’s releases on a Friday at 11 am, and it’s only a fiver,  what’s not to like, find out more here.

Their next screening is ‘The Report’ starring Adam Driver, looks really fab, but as is the way with these types of thing I personally can’t be there. The last week they screened ‘The Irish Man’ another film I would have happily spent a few hours enjoying but no something got in the way. Anyway, hope you make it to more screenings than I have of late,  you should check it out.

The Report Film, Starring Adam Driver, Curzon Cinema

This looks really good, there is some of ‘All The President’s Men’ about it, well from the trailer it does anyway, maybe it’s just because it’s political I’m saying that ‘All The President’s Men’ I haven’t seen for years. But two films I watched recently ‘Vice’ and ‘The Great Hack’ this looks like it will go into that bracket of film. I wish I hadn’t watched them in the same week though they made me so down. Which I think they would for anyone who had lived through either or both of those incidents. Anyway, I hope you do join the club and enjoy the Friday morning screenings, maybe see you there.
Vice film poster

The Great Hack film Poster