A Stitch in Time Simple poster for the short film

One boy may be dead. Injured, anxious and wired, Tony has to work out his next step.

A STITCH IN TIME is a psychological drama that plays out inside a hospital cubicle, where, it’s inhabitant – Tony – is navigating a situation that will mark his future.

Tony, arrives in A&E, cut and stressed out. His friend stabbed, and garbled text messages from his friends as company, Tony concludes that Jay’s aggressor; has arrived in the cubical next-door.

Confused and agitated Tony is trying to decide how or even if he should exact revenge.

His battle receives knowing and unexpected intervention.

A STITCH IN TIME is the second in a triptych of films directed by Graham Atkins-Hughes, dramatically exploring the power of choice. The film is scheduled for production in 2017.